St Anthony High School Graduation video still

Virtual Video Graduation

Congratulations to the St. Anthony High School Class of 2020. Today was the day they graduated officially – even though all the footage was shot previously. Gath Design had a large part in helping the Class of 2020 graduate as properly as they can during these COVID-19 days. 

The graduation video was shot over a period of 5 days, from scheduling 131 ten-minute shoots for each and every graduate to shooting every speech to recording the voiceovers. The video production took place while we waited to see if restrictions loosened so there might be an actual live graduation after all. Since the virus outbreak only got worse, the virtual graduation video has turned out the be the only official graduation ceremony this year. All the planning up front and time that went into the video has turned this into a truly special keepsake for the class that graduated in St Anthony High School’s 100th year. What can I say… Gath Design is truly proud to be such a big part of this special event.