Logo Design

Gath Design is responsible for branding both small and large companies alike. From personal logos to corporate logos used internationally, each and every design is crafted with decades of experience.

Experience Has Shaped My Approach

I’ve been designing logos since I was in high school. It started as a screen printing hobby when I created my own t-shirts with my own DG Creations branding. I then went on to study graphic design in college, where I had the unique privilege of working alongside Margo Chase, the prolific logo designer, as her intern for half a year. After school, while working for Oakley for over 10 years, I helped create the visual language for their culture by designing over thirty logos for each product they launched during that time. Each and every experience over the past 30 plus years has taught me something and has formed the way I approach my work.

Crafted By Hand

I form each shape and give it meaning. I remain mindful of a less-is-more approach, as I truly believe it’s hard to do “easy.” As human beings we tend to want to decorate and embellish, but it takes restraint and a keen eye to be able to boil things down to their simplest form. If you can get an idea across using 1 word instead of 10, wouldn’t you do that? It’s with this same idea that I design each and every logo. Every stroke and shape is created for a reason, and if it’s not adding value to the design, then it shouldn’t be there.