Website Design Services

Many times, your website is the first contact someone will have with your brand – especially if it’s working properly, you should be easily found. Your website represents your brand and has a big impact on sales, or new leads, or revenue. But that all depends on what you need from it, and every company is different. That’s why there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution for website design. There should only be your company’s own solution.

Custom Website Design: Optimized for SEO & Mobile

A website design only works best if it works for your company. That’s why planning goes into each and every website build to find out what your company truly needs from its online presence – from learning about how your company works, to its history, to where you see your company in the future. After all, a website will only work hard for your company if it keeps working and is flexible as your company grows.

Search Engine Optimized Websites

All websites that we build are set up for search engine optimization (SEO). But SEO only works well if you tend to it and work at it so your site climbs the ranks in search engine results. From regular site updates to monitoring the effectiveness of keywords and tweaking things so your site performs better over time, regular SEO maintenance is the best way to get your site in front of the right people. Gath Design has monthly SEO maintenance packages in varying levels to match any company’s needs.

Website Maintenance – Is Your Website Healthy?

Wash your hands. Cover your mouth. Stay 6 feet apart. Update your software. Backup your site. Manage your plugins. Keep your site secure.

Some of these things are commonly overlooked when things are going right. But it’s when things go wrong that we start to think of them and realize that simple measures can maintain the well-being of your website, just as with your own health.

Gath Design offers monthly website maintenance packages to keep sites working and looking their best.

Website Maintenance

These are just some of the website maintenance items that should be on every website’s checklist. Even though Gath Design creates healthy websites at first launch, it is necessary keep those sites virus-free, malware-free and conflict free. Gath Design offers website maintenance packages to keep sites working and looking their best. It will also keep you looking your best!

Keeping WordPress running on the most current version does many things for your site. It not only fixes bugs or security flaws, but it also keep your site running in top shape. A well-running site not only is more favorable to search engines and their rankings, but also to your visitors. I mean who doesn’t like a site that loads as it should without hesitation?

The theme of your site is the framework that the layout of your site is developed upon. Just like the WordPress platform, your theme should also be updated for performance and security reasons. A solid theme typically is updated more frequently than WordPress, follows the WP updates and always improves performance and keeps up with what’s going on online.

The plugins within WordPress give a site certain functionalities to perform specific tasks. They are created by many different companies so their updates are on different schedules and with varied frequency. If plugins aren’t updated, security can be compromised, conflicts can occur and your site can malfunction or not display correctly. There are even times when they don’t conflict initially, but when an update occurs, suddenly something can start to act up. This is probably the best reason to not perform updates yourself and leave it to a website expert, as troubleshooting will need to happen to trace the conflict and figure out an alternative that works without losing your site’s functionality.

Backing up a website should be done on a regular basis, especially if you post fresh content, which you should be doing all the time – fresh content helps your site climb the search engine rankings. Regular backups are good insurance to have in your back pocket because when things go wrong, it’s not something you plan for.

Monitoring the security of your website for hackers and malware is something that should be done for many reasons. The most obvious of course, is so your site stays operational and healthy. However, if your site does get infected with malware, the performance isn’t the only thing that is compromised. Search Engine visibility will also be compromised because search engines like Google can tell and they don’t want to send users to infected sites. And getting back into Google’s good graces takes a lot of time after something like that happens.

Broken links within a site can signal to Google that there’s something wrong and Google doesn’t like sending people to sites that have issues. And users hate clicking on a link that just doesn’t work. Keeping links working is key to a healthy website on many levels.