Spaghettini has been serving up top-notch food, drinks and entertainment for over 30 years. They have been so successful because they constantly reinvent the restaurant. Gath Design has been tasked with re-branding for their next decade.


Spaghettini got a re-brand that plays homage to their jazz entertainment roots. It’s with this spirit and a modern twist that has inspired
the brand design as it moves forward. A complete style guide was created to set the tone for everything from the website design to graphic layouts to photography and type design.

brand book cover
brand book spread showing photography styling
brand book inspiration spread
color palette in brand book layout
brand book logo specifications
photo of man with glass of wine


Producing and art directing photo shoots is a big part of creating the identity of a brand. Gath Design set the graphic voice by directing photo shoots of Spaghettini’s food, drink and entertainment for use in print, online and in social media.

food photography of martinis
food photography of mixing drink at bar
food photography of chef making pizza
food photography of spaghetti on fork
entertainment photo of jazz musician
food photography of mixed drink
food photography of raviolis
food photography of shrimp
food photography of beer pour


photo of spaghettini website on a computer