Kaenon Video

Created for Kaenon Eyewear’s 10-year anniversary video campaign, Never Compromise. Dave Gath interviewed several of their ambassadors and explored values both they and Kaenon share.

G. Love
Never Compromise: Originality

Originality is what G. Love embraces in his music and his life. It’s something he learned from a young age and is the most important advice he can give, “be original & strive to find something unique in whatever it is you’re making…”

Mark & Janelle Smiley
Never Compromise: Commitment

Commitment is what Mark and Janelle Smiley rely on to not only take them through all 50 classic climbs of North America, but also to keep them from getting divorced over the project.

Conway Bowman
Never Compromise: Family

Family has always been a strong influence on Conway’s life. His father taught him to respect the delicate balance in nature. It’s lessons like this that he hopes to pass along to his son.

Alex Grant
Never Compromise: Perseverance

Perseverance is the only thing that can pull Alex Grant through his grueling mountain bike races and the training leading up to them.

Harald Belker
Never Compromise: Design

Harald Belker, product designer for Kaenon, talks about his influences and how he looks at designing a product that stands apart from the rest.